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The Need to Familiarize yourself with docker to score more tasks on 234code

At 234code, we simplify software development by breaking projects into modules, and modules into tasks. One of the tools that help us do this is docker - and as such, you will often find knowledge of docker as a requirement to take on a lot of tasks on the portal.

Why Docker?

Docker saves you from having to deal with server configurations while working on our platform

Every task is expected to be tested on a particular environment which might not be immediately present on your operating system. Even if the environment is similar, you might have different versions of the same software than our own environment.

Teamleads therefore prefer to create docker images that fit the project’s objectives, for everyone to pull and start work immediately. This saves you, the developer a lot of time.


Docker allows you to easily test your task to verify how they interface with services developed by others on our platform

Some tasks might require you to create a service that will be consumed by another person’s work. How do you make sure your service interfaces well with theirs? You can simply pull their own container and test it with yours. 

Docker is used and trusted by a lot of developers already

Docker is used by Amazon, Google, Heroku, upwork, and thousands of companies around the world. Learning and using docker gives you advantages that transcend 234code.

So please find our article on docker and familiarize yourself with it if you have not already.


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